A couple of days ago I published the post shown in the Friends of Greyhound Gap facebook group.

In two weeks time, it will be our greyhound Arthur’s second gotcha day. He was found in Lincolnshire in late 2015 in a total state. He served his time at the local pound, covered in fleas and mites and missing most of the fur down his spine. On 22nd Dec an appeal went out to rescue him and Greyhound Gap stepped in and whisked him out of the pound on 23rd December, the day he was due to be put to sleep. The only trouble was, Gap’s kennel spaces were all full (Christmas…) so Arthur had an extra bit of luck as Sue was able to offer him a foster space with her 7(!) Gap dogs. She had fostered dogs for Gap for years, but apparently he was the smelliest arrival and needed 3 showers back to back before he could be settled in! Arthur then spent 6 months with Sue, with Gap paying for his vet care and supporting Sue as she got him back to health and ready to look for a new home. Greyhound Gap have one of the best adoption processes I know and when Lisa matched us with Arthur she knew exactly what she was doing. Admittedly, no one had anticipated me having an acute anxiety attack on his arrival (it happened with our first dog, but we thought I’d be fine this time around…. hmmm…). However, Lisa was on the phone to us every day to start with and as needed after that as we got both him and me settled. The investment in making the best match and then giving the match the best chance of success is so important and is something Gap does incredibly well.

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I could carry on listing all of the things that make Greyhound Gap amazing, but I hope Arthur’s story is enough to show you why I want to do a little something to support their work.

Admittedly, it’ll hopefully help me get my bum in gear as well and get me closer to my 50min goal by the end of the year(!). Fingers crossed you’re here becasue you’d like to support both me and Gap 🙂 Either way, Arthur says thank you!

II’ll be posting screenshots of my calendar on this blog each week so you can keep an eye on me…. Stay tuned!