Welcome to Stretch Stitch!

I love to run and to sew and here I bring those things together as I build my own exercise wardrobe and hopefully help you build yours along the way.

I’m just getting started with this site, but you can find blog links below and I’m keen to hear from anyone who has a great idea they want to try out so please do get in touch!

There a lots of links dotted around for sites I have used and rate. They aren’t affiliate links, just sharing what works for me in the hope it will help you (especially if you’re in the UK and struggling to find things that are commonly available in the US). If you have any tips, let me know.

Using facings in place of grommets

First things first: Grommets look great! I do like and use them, but I've not had 100% success with them so if I'm using a fabric they may not play nicely with and I think it will work for the...

Where to find activewear sewing supplies in the UK

Sewing activewear in the UK? These are some of my favourite suppliers – who do you like?

Evening Event

Come along to try on samples and see what fabric I have available! 7:30, 14th October. More details here…

Sewist’s Block…

....is a vast improvement on writer's block 😉 I knew about drafting patterns from blocks - basic pattern pieces with an overall shape, but that can be adapted for lots of projects - but had never...

Super Gs for the summer

A common complaint among the runners I know is that shorts are always too short! Chaffing is a problem for people of all sizes and for lots of us 5" inseams aren't long enough; meaning a long run...

Seam Ripper

See what projects I’m working on – have I managed to get through a whole piece without needing my faithful seam ripper…?!

Stretching & Sweating

What do my lovely, stretchy clothes get up to in real life? See them in action here and keep me exercising… Nothing like an audience to keep you going!