A common complaint among the runners I know is that shorts are always too short! Chaffing is a problem for people of all sizes and for lots of us 5″ inseams aren’t long enough; meaning a long run can result in very sore inner thighs…

Of the skorts I’ve made, more than half have come with requests for longer shorts and 7-8″ seems to be the most popular inseam. It’s also a good length if you’re using the side pockets in the underskirt of the Pace skort as it means you can fit a smart phone in an be confident it won’t come out (priorities!).

I knew that a couple of friends were interested in shorts so I asked Jo if she fancied being a guinea pig for a shorts version of the Super G athletic tights. There’s not an official short cut length, but in the testing group a few people tried them out at different lengths so I thought they were a good shorts candidate. I went for view B (love the side pockets) and added in a waistband zipped pocket as well (using Sarah Connell’s  suggestion).

I used a super soft heather yoga knit from So Sew English, which also has 100% stretch both ways making it ideal for the Super Gs.

I think Jo looks amazing in them and fingers crossed that they’ll keep her comfy on plenty of her epic runs (tomorrow’s Cheddar Half Marathon being a short outing ? ).