Fabric Choices

Apologies if this is a bit overwhelming! I know too much choice can be tricky 🙂

I either have these fabrics in stock or they are due to be delivered shortly.

What are you having made?

  • A Skort:
    • The skirt element only needs a small amount of stretch and isn’t against your skin so there’s more flexibility of choice. The shorts need to be made from the stretchier stuff and I would advise wicking and breathable fabric for comfort.
  • Running leggings/shorts:
    • This partly depends on which you are having, but Strides need fabric with at least 50% stretch (most here do, bar the holograph and the navy and black stretch sports poly). Super Gs need at least 75% stretch(!), which narrows the choice down, but ask and I’ll let you know if it has or if I can compensate with sizing.
  • Vests/T-shirts:
    • Drape and breathability is possibly more important for tops, although good stretch helps with the Lille. Swim will tend to be less wicking and less drape-y, but can be used. Tactel is brilliant for tops as it has lovely drape and dries really quickly. Meryl is great as well and is wicking and not too clingy.

I can provide samples for you to make a final choice – please fill in the form below to request your samples.

Click through the gallery to see all of the images. I tried to get the colours as accurate as possible, but screens do differ… If you would like to see the fabric in person please let me know.

Sew your own: Fabrics that have ‘*’ after the name can be purchased by the metre if you would like to make your own activewear. They are fabrics I have been able to get at wholesale prices so I can pass some of those savings on to you. I have limited quantities so there is a 2m order limit per fabric. Please use the form on this page to ask for prices: Build your wardrobe

Coming Soon…

Stars Performance Fabric
Navy sparkle FT – not much!
Foil Performance Comp: 91.5%Poly, 8.5%Spandex

Arriving week commencing 9th Sept 2019

For fabric I have at the moment please see the full gallery below.

Extra info:

  • This is a good colour match for the lilcal Tactel, used in a skort: Lilac Skort 
  • I am wearing some of the fabrics in pictures that you can see on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ljt79/) .
    • The grape Tactel, the hologram* crackle and the orange space dye are all there.
    • The purple and green ‘dragon scale’ prints in some pictures are from Funki Fabrics (see note below)

*this is the non pleated version of the skort – see Greenstyle’s website for pleated version – this is what was used for the Wonder Women skorts and for the Hannahs’ lilac skorts.

Other Fabrics

If you would like something I don’t already have I can order in fabric for you. These sites are my go to sources, but let me know if you spot anything else!

The Wonder Woman skorts were made with fabric from Funki Fabrics. This can be ordered in 0.5m increments and I’m happy to get some in if there’s something you like.

So Sew English are based in California, but I am in a buying group in the UK. They have a great range of knits, including performance and swim.

Tia Knight is also worth a look and is where I get my Tactel from.

Sample Request

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Max 5 samples for free. Please contact me if you would like more and I'll send a paypal invoice for the postage.