I had forgotten I had said I would do this and it crept up on me a bit… I probably wouldn’t have done an 11 mile run two days beforehand if I had remembered!

Although it was an 8pm start, it was a humid evening so felt like hard work, but it was really good fun. I’m not that used to proper trail running so the sections in the fields were a lot slower as I tried to keep my footing, but I managed to cover the 8.4km (actually 5.25 miles) in 45:34, which I was happy with. I have a couple of weeks until the next two tunnels and although overall it was slightly off the pace I want for that it was pretty close on the paved sections so fingers crossed.

I wore my new Pace skort, made with the super soft yoga knit I got from So Sew English (having discovered the UK purchasing group – dangerous!!!). I’d had some issues betting the lilac skort to sit flat at the top. I asked the Greenstyle group hive mind and sized up where it joins the waistband (not normally needed, but was with this fabric). I think the fabrics being quite different weights and the lilac being soft and mobile was probably the key factor. The fanal version wasn’t perfect, but it was super comfy and went well with my Hannah the Runner vest (which I may have used the Lille pattern to hack for a better fit 😉 ).